Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Calculator

This calculator will help you estimate your annual out-of-pocket, uncovered health care expenses. It will also provide an estimated tax savings if you use a health care account.

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Total deductibles for medical, dental, and vision: $
Medical and dental co-payments. (Your share of expenses above the deductible--including orthodontic expenses): $
Immunizations, injections, vaccinations: $
Routine examinations: $
Prescribed medicines and drugs: $
Hearing exams and hearing aids: $
Eye exams, glasses, contacts: $
Other related expenses such as transportation: $
This is your total estimated uncovered health care expense amount:  
If you desire to deposit a different amount than your estimated uncovered health care expense amount, enter it here: Important, please refer to your plan document for the specific limit allowed by your plan $
How many paychecks do you receive in one year?  
This is the estimated amount that will be deducted from each paycheck for your health care FSA:  
What is your adjusted gross income? (Before deduction for an FSA account): $
What is your tax filing status?  
This is your estimated tax savings: