Maternity Management

Healthy, full-term deliveries are the goal of UMR’s Maternity Management program.
If you’re pregnant, Maternity Management wants to help you have a successful, full-term pregnancy and a healthy baby. It’s important to take care of yourself and your baby during your pregnancy. The program provides general prenatal education and high-risk pregnancy identification for all expectant plan members.
Members identified as pregnant through a clinical health risk assessment (CHRA), health claims, self referral, or completion of a Maternity Management survey will be contacted and invited to participate in the program. You’ll receive an initial phone call from an experienced Ob-Gyn nurse and, if you choose to participate, additional calls each trimester during your pregnancy and a follow-up after your baby is born.
You’ll also receive mail communications and materials to help you learn what you can do to stay healthy during your pregnancy and give your baby the best start on life.
If you’re identified as being at-risk due to a medical condition or other factors, Maternity Management will lend you additional ongoing support and assistance during your pregnancy.
If you comply with the program requirements, you’ll receive a “ Thank You” gift.
Maternity Management services are provided as part of your health plan at no additional cost to you.

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